Where to get Good Buffet in Portland, OR?

Kumi Buffet offers a variety of fresh Asian and Chinese Cuisines, deserts, fruits, soups… This classically decorated buffet restaurant is pretty big, nice, and clean and its Chinese staffs are very friendly. More importantly, the food is fresh and professionally done! However, it is a little bit pricey ~$21/person… It will be worth the price $$ if… Continue reading Where to get Good Buffet in Portland, OR?

Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.

The Cafe Voila located in North West Portland, OR. has offered delicious sandwiches. I have bought a whole Turkey & Brie Sandwich– Roasted Turkey Breast & slices of creamy Brie Cheese with fresh Rosemary Aioli for $7, recommended by one of my nice coworkers as she says , “I love their sandwiches and salads taste so… Continue reading Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.