Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.

The Cafe Voila located in North West Portland, OR. has offered delicious sandwiches. I have bought a whole Turkey & Brie Sandwich– Roasted Turkey Breast & slices of creamy Brie Cheese with fresh Rosemary Aioli for $7, recommended by one of my nice coworkers as she says , “I love their sandwiches and salads taste so… Continue reading Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.

El Diablito Burritos in Portland, OR.

I have decided to buy a burrito in El Diablito for lunch! This is my second time here because I like its burritos so I am coming back. Last time I ordered a Akumal Chicken burrito, which tastes really good. So, this time, I asked the cashier again, “which of the burritos taste good or… Continue reading El Diablito Burritos in Portland, OR.