Egg Explosion!!!


I sliced a cooked egg without shells in half and microwaved them for 30 seconds. After I took them out from the microwave, I heard the “Zzzz…” sound, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was super hungry. So, I grabbed half of the egg, it suddenly “boom…” exploded/burst in front of my face. I was terrified 😰. The burst egg splashed everywhere on my sweater and on the floor. Wow, I was so glad that it didn’t burst on my lips or inside my mouth, I could have been injured. 😂

After the explosion, the egg yolk splashed everywhere. Jan 26, 2018.

The very first accident happened in 2012, I microwaved a naked egg and it burst on my upper lip as I bit it, I was super shock and my lip was super red and painful!!! Also, in 2015, I microwaved two cooked naked eggs for ~1 min, I thought to just let them cool would be fine, guess what, when I got them out from the microwave, one egg also suddenly burst and hit my eye lid…OUCH… 😢(naked=no shells).

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A microwaved egg burst and split in half. Dec. 19, 2015


For cooked/uncooked eggs with/without shells.

Do Not Microwave an whole egg or half of the egg because pressure and steam can be building up in the yolk and expand beyond the resistance of the shell by the heat and energy from the microwave, the egg can be exploded/burst like these eggs.

Do not let your kids microwave eggs…

Suggestions for people like me who may lack common sense:

When you are microwaving your eggs, be sure to avoid the above situations and split/cut the cooked eggs into smaller pieces before microwaving them or microwaving uncooked and cracked eggs in a container. Do not over microwave your eggs…

Boiling or steaming your eggs (cracked/whole) with water in a container on a stove is a much safer method. 👍 

Click Why Microwaved Eggs Explode for further information.

Now, I microwave cooked eggs like this hahaha… 😘

Chopped Eggs!!! 😀



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