I am a Newbie!

edfHi All, welcome to my new blog!

A little bit about myself… I am a science geek, a traveler, a food taster, a truth seeker, and now Aha, a Blogger… Thus, I would like to share about my experiences in food, travel, and skincare and personal care cosmetics. I will be more than happy to answer your questions!

I hope you will enjoy reading the incoming blogs.

Stay Toning… Thanks. 😊



Where to get Good Buffet in Portland, OR?

Kumi Buffet offers a variety of fresh Asian and Chinese Cuisines, deserts, fruits, soups… This classically decorated buffet restaurant is pretty big, nice, and clean and its Chinese staffs are very friendly. More importantly, the food is fresh and professionally done! However, it is a little bit pricey ~$21/person… It will be worth the price $$ if… Continue reading Where to get Good Buffet in Portland, OR?

Have you seen the Deepest Lake in the United States?

We drove 4+ hours down from Portland to one of the most stunning lakes in the U.S., the Crater Lake National Park, Oregon! The Crater Lake is one of the bluest lakes and the deepest lake in the U.S. Its view is absolutely stunning!!! My mind was instantly blown!!! I fell in love with this mind-blowing… Continue reading Have you seen the Deepest Lake in the United States?

Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.

The Cafe Voila located in North West Portland, OR. has offered delicious sandwiches. I have bought a whole Turkey & Brie Sandwich– Roasted Turkey Breast & slices of creamy Brie Cheese with fresh Rosemary Aioli for $7, recommended by one of my nice coworkers as she says , “I love their sandwiches and salads taste so… Continue reading Cafe Voila, Portland, OR.

Analyzing Facial/Skin Toners P1

Facial/Skin toners consist of deionized water (liquid phase), soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as humectants (attract and retain water) and (organic) extracts (e.g. emollients: calm & sooth the skin), they are soluble in the water phase. Toners also may contain actives/antioxidant ingredients that are water soluble or lipid soluble, they can slow or prevent oxidation of… Continue reading Analyzing Facial/Skin Toners P1

Egg Explosion!!!

Boom… I sliced a cooked egg without shells in half and microwaved them for 30 seconds. After I took them out from the microwave, I heard the “Zzzz…” sound, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was super hungry. So, I grabbed half of the egg, it suddenly “boom…” exploded/burst in front of… Continue reading Egg Explosion!!!

Seafood Black Bean Sauce Noodles -炸酱面-Portland, OR.

One of my favorite food to eat in Portland, OR. is the Seafood Black Bean Sauce Noodles (炸酱面) from Chinese Delicacy. The sauce by itself tastes a little bit sweet and salty with delicious ingredients such as shrimps, vegetable chops and other unidentified healthy ingredients. This sauce is perfect for spicing up plain noodles. To… Continue reading Seafood Black Bean Sauce Noodles -炸酱面-Portland, OR.

Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum – Kent, WA.

During my winter break, I have visited the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum in Kent, Washington State. This is a small museum but it’s the nation’s only public museum dedicated solely to powerboat racing. Though I knew nothing about powerboat racing, my first visitation has opened my eyes to see how amazing these hydroplane & raceboat that… Continue reading Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum – Kent, WA.